Benefits of Obesity - Are you kidding me right ?

A surprising effect of being obese can actually protect the heart in people who have heart disease. For rare, they tend to live longer and better than people with a high heart disease.Known same paradox, apparently the result of the combined effect of the fat cells of obese people and their metabolic functions. This is a relatively new development and little is known about the exact cause or causes. The researchers predict that because someone is overweight, then their bodies are used to working hard to combat diseases.They more reserves are stored so that they have a better chance to fight the disease. It is also speculated that because people are more than the proportion of slender form, they are more prone to showing early symptoms can lead to obesity diagnoses.

Though formerly known as the main cause of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease, these people suggest the possibility more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Doctors quickly showed that the weight gained is not the answer for thin people though. Protective factors come to play with overweight and obesity has been like that for a long period of time. If skinny people suddenly gain a lot of weight, the effect is even worse and more likely to cause health problems for them.In any case, it is still recommended that obese people trying to lose weight consider their hearts. The more weight you lose them, better for their hearts. They are also more likely to exercise more, which operates the heart and make it stronger. They just need to remember not to overdo it. People can make the necessary changes to eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight, can reduce their risk of developing heart disease.

It growing trend in America that we extended belt. Instead of progress in the expansion of the health care of our lives, our waistlines expand the short cut. The researchers tried to isolate the gene that causes obesity be prevented beginning.If so they can not see genes, they may also be able to find a cure and help those who suffer from obesity. Another possible benefit is isolating why being overweight can protect the heart. Consequently leads to seek benefits for all people with heart disease, irrespective of any size size.No their patients, doctors should always recommend a change in diet and exercise. Has proven to be a useful treatment for all. Thirty to forty minutes of activity a day is recommended. People also should begin to limit your intake of salt and bad fats are found in processed foods and all the rest. Adding fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains help people maintain better heart health.

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